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Photographer Michelle Bowers captures the remains of abandoned houses and structures in North Carolina. Her photos, along with others that people submit to her, are posted on the project’s Facebook page

"I’ve always hated history in school, but this seems like a way to get back into history," Bowers told WUNC

Story via Phoebe Judge/WUNC.


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I really can’t put into words how elated I was to read that Christopher Nolan is directing a movie about saving humanity by going into space. I am always thinking about this. This literally made my day knowing that Christopher Nolan is making this movie. Holy shit. WATCH THIS!!

Interstellar (Official Warner Bros. Trailer)

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One of the most interesting data sets for aspiring mapmakers is the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. Among other things, that survey includes a detailed look at the languages spoken in American homes.

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Huh. I would’ve thought Chinese would have been more common

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And @kevinpdevine was amazing. I got to meet him after the show and he’s one of the nicest people. It was really great meeting him.

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Manchester Orchestra was awesome! (at The Pageant)

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