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Jónsi live show by 59 Productions

Preview of what the Jónsi tour looks like. I’m really excited now. It’s going to be awesome.

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jónsi - “go quiet” on Vimeo

Seriously, every new thing I keep seeing from Jónsi is just making me more excited to see him live in April.

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Kolniður by Jónsi
Album Name: Go Do
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Kolniður // Jónsi

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Tornado by Jónsi
Album Name: Go
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Tornado // Jónsi

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                                          Go do
Go do by Jónsi
Album Name: Go
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a song for friday morning.


go do // jónsi [ via blakewhitman ]

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Time to Pretend by Jónsi (of Sigur Rós and Riceboy Sleeps)
originally by MGMT
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Kaleidoscope (feat. Jónsi) — Tiësto

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