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No matter how many times I watch Star Wars (IV, V and VI, not that prequel bull) it never gets old.

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Rare Footage Of The Special Effects Team Behind Star Wars

David Berry worked at George Lucas’ special effects studio, Industrial Light & Magic, in the mid-1970s, when the now-legendary group brought Star Wars to life. He filmed everyday life around the ILM workshop, capturing special effects shot setups, model-making, and parking lot waterslide shenanigans. Now he’s released a 10-minute video of the days of ILM before Skywalker Ranch and everything else. It’s a sweet, fun look at the people who literally built the world of Star Wars out of paint cans and plastic molds. Check it out on Berry’s Vimeo page. via io9

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droidMAKER: DROIDMAKER book now downloadable, FREE! Link post

The inside story of George Lucas, his intensely private company, and their work to revolutionize filmmaking. In the process, they made computer history. Discover the birth of Pixar, digital video editing, videogame avitars, THX sound, and a host of other icons of the media age. Lucas played a central role in the universe of entertainment technologies we see everyday.

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