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Glorious illustrations of the Apollo 11 mission from the book, Hier Apollo, by German artist Erich Fuchs. (Codex 99)

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It’s officially Christmas season. I’m neck deep in Christmas music, hot cider, and old Christmas movies with jazzy soundtracks. Despite my heightened awareness of how single I am, I quite enjoy this atmosphere. It’s all so very hopeful.

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A man spent 50 years hand-painting a 2000 square foot map of an imaginary world.






Fifty years ago, Jerry Gretzinger started painting a map of a world that existed only in his imagination. It began as a doodle, but since that first day, he has been adding a new hand-drawn panel to his map every day. Today the masterpiece known as Jerry’s Map numbers 2,600 different unique panels that cover 2,000 square feet. And it’s still growing…


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Oops, I’m about to spend invest $70 on art from Society6. Including something from the amazingly talented Connie. It’ll be worth it.

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The final one of the BlackBerry Keep Moving videos. This one was filmed last month in the UK, in Regent’s Park, in the St Pancras Hotel, and in Soho, where I had dinner with some of the artists… The end of it is magical.

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