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Kseniya Simonova - Sand Animation (Ukraine’s Got Talent) (via iamlikeasea)

Amazing and beautiful art using just sand on a light table.

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When doctors performed brain surgery on Alan Brown after a stroke, they thought they were just saving his life. Little did they know that somehow, in the course of the operation, they did something that would turn Brown into an artist. Prior to the surgery, Brown could barely manage a stick figure, let alone a detailed painting. The father of three was handed a pencil, paper and a photograph of a dog by a nurse while recovering in the hospital and reproduced it down to the slightest detail. He’s now a professional artist with a degree in Fine Arts from Worcester University. (via Stroke of Genius: 10 Artists with Abilities Borne of Brain Damage | WebUrbanist)

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Nudity does us all good - Telegraph Link post

"Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed," said William Blake. But the moral guardians of daytime TV take a different view. The Channel 4 programme Life Class caused conniptions last week by showing a woman sitting very still with no clothes on. […] It is filmed in a determinedly untitillating way, more Open University than Nuts magazine, and in fact the first three episodes went out last week without any kerfuffle. It was only on Thursday – when Kirsten Varley, a fashion model of uncommon loveliness, dropped her silky dressing gown and stepped on to the dais – that the forces of puritanism pricked up their ears. […] We need the background scenery of other people’s bodies – dumpy, scrawny, dimpled or lean – in order to be reassured that our own peculiarities are normal.

Especially now, when most public images of the human form are airbrushed into a preposterous lie, children ought to know what actual people look like under their clothes. Thanks to the internet, a generation of boys is growing up submerged in the fake aesthetic of pornography – as ignorant of real female beauty as the Victorian art critic John Ruskin, who discovered on his wedding night that women have pubic hair, and was so disgusted that he refused to consummate the marriage. Life classes, like naked parents, are a no-strings-attached opportunity to see what other people are really made of.

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