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State Of Minnesota Too Polite To Ask For Federal Funding Link post

Although many of its highways and bridges are in severe disrepair, the traditionally undemanding state of Minnesota isn’t comfortable asking for more interstate funding, sources reported Monday.

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Favorites: Winter twilight as seen from the Campbell Mithun Tower. From my Flickr archives. Taken in 01/08.

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How To Be Happy In The Twin Cities Link post



Some helpful hints from Erica. Perhaps it would be more accurately titled “How To Be Happy In The Twin Cities When It’s %#@$#& Cold Outside And The Sun Goes Down At 4PM.” I’d say for the last two years the Art Shanty Projects accomplished most if not all of the things on her list for me.

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Minnesota Snow

Ah, the first big snowfall of the year. Right now the falling snow is quiet, soft and pretty, just like that girl you like in your office. At least with this snow we know what’s coming, and it’s going to get ugly later tonight. Unlike the situation with that quiet, soft, pretty girl you like in your office, this snow won’t say vulgar things to your friends, make a pass at your cousin’s boyfriend, or throw up in your lap at a Chili’s parking lot.

Looks can be deceiving I guess would be the moral of this story. (and yes, that little old lady in the picture almost slipped and biffed it in the parking lot)

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Minnesota awaits snowstorm that promises to break records Link post

The plows are ready. The airport is packed with people trying to beat the storm.

If the weather maps are right, this Christmas could be one for the record books.

"We’re just waiting for it to arrive," MnDOT spokesman Kevin Gutknecht said Wednesday as crews prepared to treat major roads with chemicals that will help make snow removal easier for the agency’s 800 plows.

I’m ready.

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Wow…..1982 Sucked.


Top Eleven Largest Snowfalls for Twin Cities

28.4 inches: October 31 - November 3, 1991 (Halloween Blizzard)
21.1 inches: November 29 - December 1, 1985
20.0 inches: January 22 - January 23, 1982
17.4 inches: January 20 - January 21, 1982
16.8 inches: November 11 - November 12, 1940 (Armistice Day)
16.7 inches: March 3 - March 4, 1985
16.7 inches: March 11 - March 14, 1940
16.5 inches: December 27 - December 28, 1982
16.0 inches: January 20 - January 21, 1917
16.0 inches: March 8 - March 9, 1999
14.7 inches: March 31, 1985

A major storm system will impact central and southern Minnesota and west central Wisconsin starting tonight and lasting through Saturday. Due to the strength of this system and the prolonged period for which the snowfall is expected, there will be considerable impacts to travelers, especially due to the upcoming holiday. This storm has the potential to produce snowfall totals ranging from 10 inches in western Wisconsin and southeast Minnesota to near-record totals in excess of 20 inches across the rest of central and southern Minnesota. There is also a risk of ice accumulations over parts of far south central and southeast Minnesota and west central Wisconsin.

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