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Very Cold Indeed: The Nanokelvin Physics of Bose-Einstein Condensation by Eric Cornell Link post


OK, a couple notes about this link before you go clicking: yes it’s a PDF and I’m sorry but it’s a good talk so I wanted to link it.  This guy won a Nobel prize for Bose-Einstein condensates and he explains it beautifully.  I know a lot of you guys aren’t physics students, so be warned that most of the talk is at the level of an undergraduate who has taken at least an intro to modern physics.  It’s light on math but might seem a little jargon-heavy to newbies.
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A computer’s spot in the Sun

It’s a computer-generated model of the magnetic field in a sunspot; near the center the field lines are mostly vertical and around the edges they are mostly horizontal.

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Quarter Shrinker Link post

Yes, they shrink a quarter in about 30 µs using about 10kV. Total energy of around 15,000 joules, which is equivalent to 100 heart defibrillators going all at once. Or if you could convert it all to kinetic energy, it would be enough to launch a 1lb ball 2 miles straight up. Totally cool.

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A Higgs boson without the mess Link post

The LHC always has cool science, and now it might be easier. Also a great explanation of what goes on in the LHC ATLAS experiment.

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Astronomers Size Up a Candidate for Midsize Black Hole | Scientific American Link post


The best candidate yet for a mid-sized black hole, bigger than the BHs created by collapsing stars but smaller than the holes at the centers of galaxies.  Note that we don’t have proof that this is a mid-sized BH, just that this is as close as anyone has come to finding one.
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If you expected science to give all the answers to the wonderful questions about what we are, where we’re going, what the meaning of the universe is and so on, then I think you could easily become disillusioned and then look for some mystic answer to these problems.

Richard Feynman

via Richard Feynman tells it like it is : Pharyngula

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