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Very Cold Indeed: The Nanokelvin Physics of Bose-Einstein Condensation by Eric Cornell Link post


OK, a couple notes about this link before you go clicking: yes it’s a PDF and I’m sorry but it’s a good talk so I wanted to link it.  This guy won a Nobel prize for Bose-Einstein condensates and he explains it beautifully.  I know a lot of you guys aren’t physics students, so be warned that most of the talk is at the level of an undergraduate who has taken at least an intro to modern physics.  It’s light on math but might seem a little jargon-heavy to newbies.
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Look Up In The Sky For New Cloud Life

Does this sky look odd to you? Cloud Appreciation Society head Gavin Pretor-Pinney thinks so; he thinks these are a whole new type of clouds - “Asperatus Clouds” - and he’s trying to get them internationally classified as such.

More photos in link.

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Cake Chemistry - Periodic Table of Videos (via periodicvideos)

Baking a cake is pretty basic chemistry, but still quite cool, and most definitely delicious.

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